About machon editing

editing and proofreading
for the corporate legal and financial world

machon editing positions itself as an active partner in the corporate legal drafting process. Our editing services add value and provide comfort by our safeguarding textual accuracy, improving drafting and textual cohesiveness, and ensuring consistency. Our focus is to hone clients’ competitive edge on an international playing field. We are fluent in US, UK, EU, and international legal English writing styles and terms of art.

Our edits, comments, and suggestions are always returned to you in track changes in Word. You receive this mark-up version along with a “clean” version so that you can readily track any changes made, and easily make a compare version. Even with short, high-pressure deadlines. In other words, you remain in control of document management and determine your document’s final form.

And all our work is always strictly confidential. We are happy to sign or provide a non-disclosure or confidentiality statement and adhere to the requirements of being on an insiders list, when needed.

About our expertise

Stephen manages to improve a text without infringing on personal style. He also seeks to understand and anticipate the procedure and requirements of the publisher, making the journey towards publication swift, efficient and surprisingly uneventful. A true professional – fantastic to work with!

Stephen always understands the point, and if not (due to poorly written English) he always asks so that he does not change the meaning. The outcome is always superb, very clear and highly professional… he is quick and efficient. Also, his trainings for the firm have very much improved the overall quality of our lawyers’ drafting.

Stephen always gets the nuance right. He’s responsive, understanding; he understands it’s all about context.

Stephen is one of a kind, by far the best legal editor I have ever come across. Extremely fast, reliable and professional. He always gets it right. And on top of that, always fun to work with.

Stephen’s editing work goes way beyond reshaping a simple translation. He is a skilled editor, getting the tone right whether it is an op-ed for a newspaper or full-blown academic publications. I love working with him, he is the best!