Our services

machon editing is highly experienced in carefully and accurately editing and reviewing corporate legal and financial documents. This encompasses a spectrum of documents and related styles ranging from client advisory work and transaction-related documents and contracts, to litigation and arbitration work, Commission and ECJ submissions, and scholarly articles/books and dissertations. And we are fully conversant with linguistic and formal differences between these documents, not to mention essential elements of good contract drafting and how to apply them. We are fluent in US, UK, EU, and international legal English writing styles and terms of art.

Editing and reviewing

We carefully edit and review documents to ensure that the text, whether drafted directly in English or prepared as a translation, is readily comprehensible and consistent with contemporary legal writing style. We also edit and review scholarly articles and dissertations on law, tax, and finance being prepared for publication in your or the publisher’s house style. We would also be happy to brainstorm and work with you on effective contemporary website texts and client communications.

You’re always in control

Our edits, comments, and suggestions are always returned to you in track changes in Word. You receive this mark-up version along with a “clean” version so that you can readily track any changes made, and also easily make a compare version. Even with short, high-pressure deadlines. In other words, you remain in control of document management and determine your document’s final form.

Training and workshops

We regularly help legal practitioners get to the next level in their professional communication in English. Years of hands-on training experience enables us, in our workshops, to deconstruct many of the myths surrounding effective legal writing and legal English. And, using focused exercises, to guide legal practitioners in attaining a style that fuels their self-confidence. Not to mention client satisfaction.